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We offer a wide range of services

Web Design

Web design that include features online shops, blogs and much more.

Graphic Design

Basic graphic design services such as logo design and image optimization.

Computer Repairs

If your desktop or laptop need repairs then rely on us to repair it for you.

Mac Repairs

Professional Mac repairs. We also upgrade old Apple devices to run like new.

Design Process

When designing a website we have a four step process to ensure you as our client gets the website you envisioned.


Our first step is to brainstorm with the client. This is an essential step to discover what the client likes, dislike and what the website should include.

Wireframe Design

The second step is to design a wireframe. This is a bare version of the website with no image or styling. Once the design is accepted we proceed.


The third step is to develop the website. This include adding all images, styling and other content. Once we're done testing we can deploy.

Testing & Deploy

The fourth and final step is to do final testing and to deploy the website. Often this step includes an ad campaign to kick-start your website.

Client Logo
Christoff Geldenhuys Gaming & Chill Lounge

I love my logo designed by the FyreByte Team, it summarizes the look and feel of my retail store.

Client Logo
Adel Coetzee Divinus Organic Health

Dominique went the extra mile to create a website that exceeded all our expectations. Fantastic service and brilliant results!

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